3.1 – Planner Literature Review

Peter Higley and Chris Conway’s GDC 2015 Talk on GOAP (0:00, 20:00)
Jeff Orkin’s website on GOAP
Jeff Orkin’s Applying Goal-Oriented Action Planning to Games (2003)
Jeff Orkin’s Three States and a Plan: The AI of FEAR (GDC 2006)
Jeff Orkin’s Symbolic Representation of Game World State: Toward Real-Time Planning in Games
Glenn Fiedler’s GDC 2015 Talk on Physics for Game Programmers : Networking for Physics Programmers
Troy Humphreys’s Exploring HTN Planners through Example (Pro 1-12)
William van der Sterren’s Hierarchical Plan-Space Planning for Multi-unit Combat Maneuvers (Pro 1-13)
Éric Jacopin’s Optimizing Practical Planning for Game AI (Pro 2-13)
A* implementation

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