UE4 project creation / Compile errors

Having VS 2015 Community & VS 2017 Community installed.

  • Install C++ support for VS 2015. Create UE4 project as usual, then switch the external tool to VS 2017. Or,
  • Uninstall VS 2015 completely with this program. Don’t try to manually remove VS 2015 by yourself because there are many dependency files.

‘Visual Studio 2015 must be installed in order to build this target.’, ‘Windows SDK v8.1 must be installed in order to build this target.’

  • Install Game development with C++ with option : C++ profiling toolsWindows 10 SDKWindows 8.1 SDK and .NET Framework for VS 2017. (For some reasons, VS 2017 is called VS 2015. I wonder why.)

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