Platform: Web browsers
Development Tool: Unity/C#
Development Period: 30 hours
Team Size: 1
Roles: Designer – Programmer – Artist


Light Steal is a personal project for Tuesday Night Games. It is a platform game created during the GDC week with a given theme “stealth”. In this game, guest steals light from the palace of darkness, while avoids being seen by the guards. Inspired by Journey (2012), Mark of the Ninja (2012), and Prince of Persia (1989).

This game was demoed at San Francisco Demo & Play Night at Microsoft Reactor, on March 2017. And it will be demoed at SPRING PLAY: San Francisco Game Expo.

My Contributions

As the solo developer, I designed and implemented:

  • Gameplay system and game flow
  • Procedurally generated platform
  • Reward system
  • Sound management
  • All the art assets

I also did:

  • A lot of playtests
  • At least 3 iterations. All documented on GitHub Play on

GameJolt: Play on GameJolt

Tuesday Night Games: WebGL

Github: Project description and source code