Platform: CAVE + MaKey MaKey
Development Tools: Unity/C#, Photoshop
Development Period: 2 weeks
Team Size: 5
Roles: Programmer – Producer


CAVE is a flexible 3D integrated platform system designed and built by ETC faculty and assisstant teaching professor Ruth Comley.
It is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors are directed to three of the walls of a room-sized cube.
It also includes the Motion Floor (controlled by four air bags and Phidgets) to simulate movements on bouncing terrain, and the DMX Lighting (controlled by OSC messages) to utilize the lights.
The game tells the story of two brave astronates travelling in the deep space, being attacked by aliens, being betrayed and tricked by their authority and finally trying to save themselves and their families on Earth.
Two guests are involved in this game. One is the pilot (who controls the movement of the spaceship alpha, sometimes he/she needs to shake the ship to get rid of the aliens).
And the other one is the engineer (who needs to decode transmitting signals and initiate a live connection with the command center).
Two guests have to corporate to be able to establish a successful connection during an alien attack, otherwise the aliens will damage the ship and interrupt the decoding.

My Contributions

As a programmer, I:

  • Helped the team to develop the story
  • Mapped the DMX lighting, study the Motion Floor and Unity integration to get full control of the CAVE environment
  • Broke the story into states and create a state machine to control the sequences
  • Controled the DMX Lighting, the Motion Floor and the 3D audio system based on the state machine to create dramatic effects
  • Designed and built the spaceship UI. Create 2D UI animation with Photoshop
  • Created a game UI that accepts guest names and project them on the spaceship UI
  • Conducted CAVE tests on daily basis, 1-4 times a day

As a producer, I:

  • Oversaw creative (art and design) and technical development
  • Worked with team to determine daily goals, interim goals and final goals
  • Developed and maintained schedules with Trello. Ensure timely delivery
  • Scheduled meetings with faculties to discuss our story and gameplay
  • Resolved conflicts during discussion
  • Boosted team’s morale
  • Helped to build props (buttons connected to MaKey Makey)
  • Arranged for testing