Platform: Oculus Rift and Touch
Development Tool: Unity/C#, Cg
Development Period: 14 weeks
Team Size: 4
Roles: Architect – Gameplay Programmer – Designer


Mystique is a VR research project at ETC-SV. We are using Oculus to evoke precise emotions through stories and to provide the user with a completely new immersive storytelling experience, creating an aura of affinity that makes them feel stronger than they have ever felt before. Through the medium of this totally immersive environment created by Virtual Reality, we will explore creative ways to really bring people into story – To see what we see, to hear what we hear and to feel what we feel. We hope that this experience makes them feel it is not just a story, it is a memory.

Find out more at Project Mystique

My Contributions

As the architect and gameplay programmer, I designed and implemented:

  • The whole gameplay system and game flow
  • Fish movement simulation
  • Interactions and control schemes
  • Game AI and real time path finding in 3D space
  • Graphic shaders for special visual effects