Platform: iOS/Android/Web
Development Tools: Yii/PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS
Development Period: 3 months
Role: Programmer


Developed iOS/Android social networking application in 3 months in a team of 3 programmers and 1 designer.
The application can send messages, broadcast, vote. add/share photos, videos, comments etc.

My Contributions
  • Designed, built and managed database
  • Designed and implemented API services
  • Created the administration system
  • Implemented real-time chatting and broadcasting
  • Implemented the voting system
  • Implemented real-time media sharing and commenting
  • Integrated WeChat SDK for WeChat login and online payment
  • Integrated Baidu Push SDK for cloud services to send push notification messages to mobile devices

Launched on February 2016, it is now available in the Apple Store.