Platform: Web browsers
Development Tool: Unity/C#
Development Period: 30 hours / 1 week
Team Size: 1
Roles: Designer – Programmer – Artist


It is spring!

Spring Watch is a personal project for Tuesday Night Games. It is a tower-defense RTS game with the theme “spring”. To protect the precious cherry blossom, player needs to time and send out spring watches to defend against the winter solders. Each type of agents and enemies has different weakness and strength. Waiting and strategizing is the way to go!

This game was demoed at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco with SFO Playcrafting.

My Contributions

As the solo developer, I designed and implemented:

  • Gameplay system and game flow
  • Stats system and run-time data loading
  • WebGL optimisation
  • All the art assets