Platform: Web browsers + Android
Development Tool: Unity/C#
Development Period: 48 hours
Team Size: 4 (complete strangers before teamup)
Role: Programmer


Surfing the Great Wave is a platform game created for the Global Game Jam 2017. Guest helps a prince to surf a tsunami wave that is covering a Japanese village. He needs to dodge floating obstacles and survives as long as he can. We got the first prize – Jammers’ choice of this jam site.

My Contributions

As a programmer, I:

  • Brainstormed and worked with team to design the game
  • Implemented inputs, interactions, movements
  • Cooperated with teammates to polish iteratively
  • Documented and upload

Visit the game page for team information, source code, GGJ 2017, and more. And you can play the game now with a valid web browser!