Platform: HTC VIVE
Development Tools: Unity/C#
Development Period: 2 weeks
Team Size: 5
Role: Programmer


Developed an intense survival game, for the HTC Vive where the guests have to survive a winter night in the woods.
The guests have to start a campfire and keep it going to stay warm. Finally the guests have to stave off hungry wolves by using a lit torch until help arrives.

My Contributions

As a programmer, I:

  • Researched HTC Vive. Explored the posibilities and report to the team
  • Helped the team to develop the story
  • Designed and implemented the interaction map. Categorised the interactable (or fireable) things into different classes and implement their interactions accordingly
  • Designed and built the enemy management system, the event control system, and the sound management system.
  • Worked with visual effects and shaders to create dramatic moments