Platform: Windows Server + Mobile Devices (iOS/Android/Web) + HTC Vive
Development Tools: Yii2/PHP, MySQL, HTML5/JS, Unity/C#
Development Period: 2 weeks (+2 weeks for the jury/festival)
Team Size: 5
Roles: Programmer – Producer


This is a “massive” multiplayer online VR game where 12 guests in 2 teams, who access the game through mobile devices or web browsers, try to work with their team to drain power from the core by building energy towers with limited resource, and one guest plays the Mech warrior in the VR space to protect the core by smashing towers with its hammer. Towers have to be built in a certain pattern to enable the draining, and whoever is closer to the core gets more energy. Game ends when the Mech warrior protects the core successfully for 3 minutes, or the mobile players drain all the energy from the core.

My Contributions

As a programmer, I:

  • Designed the game system, including player management, game flow, gameplay and battle control
  • Designed and built the network system for mobile-server-Unity communication
  • Designed, implemented and maintained the database for player management, game flow control and communication
  • Built the game/web server with Yii2 framework, and implement all APIs for mobile-server-Unity communication
  • Built the website for mobile players. It includes login/logout, handshake, authorization, interactive tutorials, team formation, gameplay, result announce and leaderboard/ranking
  • Optimized the network system to minimize the query time and reduce and overall load for different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8+)

As a producer, I:

  • Oversaw creative and technical development
  • Worked with team to determine daily goals, interim goals, final goals, jury goals and festival goals
  • Developed and maintain schedules. Ensure timely delivery
  • Scheduled meetings with faculties regularly (1-2 times a week) to discuss the gameplay
  • Arranged for playtests during the development process and modify the game accordingly
  • Planed for festival and help to decorate the room
  • Created and maintain the social media accounts for this project, including Facebook and Instagram
State diagram for server side

State diagram for server side

EER diagram for player management

EER diagram for player management