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Fear Forest (2017.04)

Welcome to the Fear Forest, where you will walk the thin line between courage and fear.

This is the story of Ima, a young member of the Kumu tribe. As part of the rite of passage to maturity, Ima must go to the heart of the Fear Forest in the middle of the night to uncover the secret behind courage.

It is a 3D RPG-sandbox game, created in 50 hours, with a suggested theme “Fear”. It was inspired by Don’t Starve – Klei Entertainment (2013), Year Walk – Simogo (2013), Dead Secret – Robot Invader (2015), Neverending Nightmares – Infinitap Games (2014), Anatomy – Kitty Horrorshow (2016), Skyrim – Bethesda Game Studios (2011), also Chris Pruitt’s Survival Horror Quest.

Instruction: WASD / Left Click to move. Shift/ Space / Right Click to speed up.

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  1. Colin Andrew Grant March 17, 2017

    Hello River! Interesting game. I like the Grimm Brothers feel to it. I also love it when devs give the point of view you chose, with the trees. I also loved how the end game message changes the further that you get. A few things

    1. I feel like the walking Down stands out quite a bit because of how smooth the walking in the other 3 directions is. It looks like she is walking backwards when you go down (D)

    2. Sometimes when walking fast (spacebar) from a slow walkw there’s a small hiccup

    3. Without an incentive to walk slowly, I don’t really see a point to walk not going fast. Maybe adding a mechanic like The amount of physical strength or courage determines how fast she can walk, or walking fast depletes one of those two elements will give the walking fast mechanic more purpose.

    4. Maybe having red dots circle her in the same way the yellow dots do which correlate with the amount of stars gathered.

    5. It would be nice to full screen this or darken the background of your site. A game like this would be cool to play in the dark so the white background of your site distracts a little.

    6. Maybe the stars pulse a little brighter, just for more contrast against the rest of the scene.

    7. The ability to pause the game would be a nice feature as well, but I can see how it can be an intentional choice to not include that.

    I’m going to keep playing until I get past “Ghosts are fading part” ( i’m a bit stuck on that, haha!) but these are my initial thoughts. I’ll send more if I find anything else I think may help.

    When you get a chance, message me over FB about music and sound. I think some really interesting things can be done for this.

    Really enjoying the aesthetic of all of your games. Your voice really shines through the games of yours I play!

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