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Tuesday Night Games 2017

Fluffy Combat (2017.02)

Created in 30 hours over a weekend, with a suggested theme “Combat”, Fluffy Combat is a time-constrained multiplayer collaborative platform game. Guests play with Fluffy and its friend to defeat evil ghosts and escape the forest fire.

Instruction: WASD / Arrows to jump and attack.

Available on Game Jolt (with gameplay videos!) and itch.io.

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  1. River Liu February 23, 2017

    Hello world! It is time to playtest!

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Experimental Gameplay 2017 is a game development project to explore different game genres based on a prompt based approach. Each game is created in under 7 days. It is inspired by the original experimental gameplay project from 2005, initiated by ETC alumni Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler, Shalin Shodhan, and Matt Kucic.