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Tuesday Night Games 2017

Surfing the Great Wave (2017.01)

Created for the Global Game Jam 2017 at Google Launchpad, San Francisco, with the given theme of “Wave”. Surfing the Great Wave is an endless surfing game inspired by the great artist Hokusai’s printed wood block artwork, the Great Wave off Kanagawa from 1830s.

Instruction: Hold to move faster.

Contributors: Ethan Kennerly, Will Delventhal, Corey Jackson and River Liu.

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Experimental Gameplay 2017 is a game development project to explore different game genres based on a prompt based approach. Each game is created in under 7 days. It is inspired by the original experimental gameplay project from 2005, initiated by ETC alumni Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler, Shalin Shodhan, and Matt Kucic.